Meeting 001

We are happy to announce that the first Processing Ghent meeting will be on Thursday 7 July. Corneel Cannaerts (introspector) will talk about using code in his creative practice, and Jan Vantomme (vormplus) will give a workshop with some examples from the Processing Month he did in May. This event will be FREE.

If you want to participate in the workshop, you should bring your own laptop. It would be good if you can install Processing before coming down to the venue. It would also be good if you could let us know that you are coming and tell us about your experience with Processing (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced). This will be handy for us to plan future workshops. send an email to Jan Vantomme if you plan to come to the workshop:

There are 40 places for the workshop. You can order your free ticket by clicking the link below.



Thursday 7 July 2011 / 8PM – 11PM


  • Talk by Corneel Cannaerts.
  • Workshop by Jan Vantomme


Koopvaardijlaan 13+
9000 Gent

More Info?

If you need more info, you can send an email to Jan Vantomme at this address:

Processing Ghent 001 - Poster