Processing Ghent 007 – The Recode edition

This edition of Processing Ghent will be about the history of creating art with code. Our mothership, the Processing Cities project ( asked us to organize a session about the ReCode Project started by Matthew Eppler. The ReCode Project is a community-driven effort to preserve computer art by translating it into a modern programming language (Processing). Every translated work will be available to the public to learn from, share, and build on.

The next edition will be held on Thursday 28.03.2013. The event will be FREE, just like the last time. If you want to participate in the workshop, you should bring your own laptop. It would be good if you can install Processing before coming down to the venue.

There are 40 places available for the talks and workshop. Book your free ticket by clicking the button below.

Processing Ghent


We have invited a special guest speaker for this edition. Peter Beyls is an artist working with computer media since the seventies. He explores computer programming as a medium for artistic expression and develops generative systems in music, the visual arts and hybrid formats. You can find out more about Peter and his work on his website (

Coding Session

We won’t host a normal workshop this time. The goal of this edition of Processing Ghent is to recreate art based on the work of the pioneers of algorithmic art you’ll find on the website of the ReCode Project (

It would be great if you picked one of the works before you join us for this edition, so you can get started coding and collaborating with other people immediately. We would like to collect the art made at the end of the meeting, and donate it back to the community.


Oktrooiplein 1
9000 Gent

The location is within walking distance from the train station Gent Dampoort.

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More Info?

If you need more info, you can send an email to Jan Vantomme at this address:

Processing Ghent 007 - The Recode Edition