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Update: New Location for Processing Ghent 007

Processing Ghent will be at the DOK Kantine tonight, due to a double booking at the usual location. DOK Kantine is not that far away. You’ll find the location on the maps below.

Point A is the usual location, Point B is the new location for tonight.



February 2012 Meeting Postponed

We have to postpone the February 2012 meeting since the three of us were selected to participate in the Generator.X 3.0 masterclass with Marius Watz at iMAL. We are playing with 3D printers and laser cutters this week in Brussels, so we don’t have the time to organize everything. If you want to see the results of our hard work, you can join us for the opening of the exhibition on Friday the 24th at iMAL. Or you can visit the exhibition during the weekend. You can find all the information you need on the website of iMAL.

See you this Friday!

Bert, Corneel and Jan

Meeting 003

For our third meeting we’ll have two talks and a workshop, just like the previous events. We also have a new location for the event, because it would be too cold to do the meeting in the hangar at DOK. The event will be FREE, just like the last time. If you want to participate in the workshop, you should bring your own laptop. It would be good if you can install Processing before coming down to the venue.

There are 40 places available for the talks and workshop. Book your free ticket by clicking the button below.



Julien Deswaef (@xuv) will talk about the application he made to generate images for the Written Images book.

Julien Deswaef, Written Images

Pieter Steyaert (@subtivsubtiv) will talk about The Creators, an audio-reactive multitouch installation he built with Constanza Casas and Mark C Mitchell. You can see more images from the project on Flickr.

Pieter Steyaert, The Creators


Jan Vantomme will teach the second Processing Basics workshop. We’ll pick up where we stopped last time and take a look at how we can use for-loops and write our own functions to draw things on the screen.


Oktrooiplein 1
9000 Gent

The location is within walking distance from the trainstation Gent Dampoort.

Grotere kaart weergeven

More Info?

If you need more info, you can send an email to Jan Vantomme at this

Poster for the third Processing Ghent meeting.

We want your feedback

We are planning future Processing Ghent meetings and we would like some feedback from you so we can plan lectures and workshops on the topics you love. This will only take a minute.

Processing Ghent

Paris and Berlin have their regular meetings for people who share an interest in Processing or creative coding in general, so Ghent should have its community too. Our plan is to get people together in Ghent to talk about creative coding, organize workshops, and drink a beer or two after the meeting to get to know each other.

We are currently planning our first meeting. We’ll let you know the where, when and what once we have figured everything out.

Processing Ghent is an initiative of Bert Balcaen, Corneel Cannaerts and Jan Vantomme.

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